Certification Overview

Certification in the Leadership Circle Profile, The Leadership Culture Survey, and The Leadership System give you a powerful framework for enhancing leadership development and effectiveness.

Leadership Circle Profile 360° assessment circle

Leadership Circle Profile


Grow your coaching opportunities

Be prepared for break-through leadership development sessions.

Increase your clients' leadership effectiveness

Learn to work as deeply as the client is capable of going.

Expect Extraordinary Outcomes

Gain practical experience in debriefing the Profile with clients. You will also understand the solid theoretical and statistical foundation upon which the Profile stands.

Three Levels of Certifications

Leadership Circle Profile Certification

Leadership Circle Profile Certification gives you a powerful framework for enhancing leadership development and effectiveness. This three-day program is packed with content designed to help you understand, work with, and effectively debrief The Leadership Circle assessments.

Get Certified

Executive/leadership coaching experience is required for attending certification.

Leadership Culture Survey Certification

In this one-day experiential program, you’ll learn how to use the Leadership Culture Survey to provide senior leadership teams with feedback/insight regarding their collective impact.

Get Certified

Completion of Leadership Circle Profile Certification is required before attending this program.

Leadership System Certification

The Leadership System is a Leadership Consulting Practice in a box. Designed to increase your clients’ individual and collective leadership effectiveness, become certified to scale you delivery into larger organizations with the complete Leadership System.

Get Certified

Completion of both the Leadership Circle Profile Certification and Leadership Culture Survey Certification is required before attending this program.

What They’re Saying

“When I found The Leadership Circle I knew I had discovered something wonderful. The Leadership Circle Profile is different from traditional competency-based approaches to assessment; it is a 360-degree assessment designed to accelerate your leadership and help you understand the relationship between how you habitually think and behave—and how all this impacts your current effectiveness as a leader. It helped my board, staff, and myself create a plan for growth and a new emphasis on leadership development. I participated in The LCP five years ago, yet I still refer to my survey results today.”

Katie EverettExecutive Director, The Lynch Foundation

“I am certified in several popular and well researched 360° instruments and have delivered results to numerous executives over the past 15+ years. The Leadership Circle Profile is by far the most effective tool in getting directly and immediately into the most transformational conversation with the client. Nothing else comes close!”

Carol MurrayThe Lifework Institute

“I have found The Leadership Circle’s instrument a rich and valuable complement to my work! That single picture prompts a world of reflection, and naturally leads to a well-chosen 'improvement goal,' the first step in many a focused coaching approach, including mine.”

Robert KeganCo-author of Immunity to Change